Do you have a Fence Cleaning project that is just too much
work and need it done in a timely fashion?

Our Fence Cleaning service start with an examination of the surface type. For example is your fence Wood, Vinyl, Metal, Steel and does it have a painted or stained surface. These are important facts about the surface being cleaned. Also when was the last time the fence was cleaned? Are there condition issues from a lack of maintenance?

Depending on the size 4 or 6 foot fence and how long it is a good fence cleaning can take as long as cleaning a house if not longer especially if it’s a wood fence. There are industry tricks to cleaning every surface and a wood surface being a deck, patio or a fence is the softest surface we will generally clean or Pressure Wash. It’s every important to take your time and use the exact amount of pressure so you don’t destroy the deck boards or fence you are cleaning.



Getting ready for spring or summer and have a old fence that need to be cleaned but don’t have the time. We offer a fence cleaning service that is guaranteed to have the neighbors asking who cleaned the fence. Proper fence cleaning is required on a wood fence and does require a professional to do it right. Check out our other pictures of fence cleaning on our website to see additional samples. All of our fence cleaning is guaranteed to make your property get the most curlb appeal as possible.

Generally the fence and the front of the house is the first thing that everyone see’s when they visit and also is a sign of how well you take care of your home or business. We can also provide fence staining or painting if needed just let us know. If we are staining or painting a fence it’s a 2 step process as the fence if wood, needs to dry out to allow for the wood to absorb the paint or stain to last as long as possible.

We are servicing both Kansas and Missouri for fence cleaning in following cities but are not limited to these cities: Kansas City, Overland Park, Leawood, Blue Springs, Sugar Creek, Riverside, Shawnee, Parkville, Raytown, Lenexa, Randolph, Platte Woods and Independence.

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