Do you have a Deck Cleaning project that is just too much
work and need it done in a timely fashion?

We are experts in Deck cleaning for many reasons but most importantly we have the best tools money can buy and use the right solution to clean the surface and only use pressure where needed. Pressure Washing a deck can be a big job in fact most Deck Cleaning jobs can take as long if not longer than it would take us to clean your house. If the deck is wood this is the softest surface we would clean and requires a steady hand with the right psi pressure on the surface.



If you don’t use the correct pressure washing tip you can damage the surface and if staining the deck the wood would show bruising from using the wrong tip. If the wood deck is in good condition than cleaning service just takes patience. There is a lot of other deck material that plays a role in how the deck is cleaned. There are Composite Decks, Vinyl Decks, Concrete Decks and Wood Decks more commonly found in the mid-west with the exception of an occasional paver, stone or stamped concrete deck.

Did you know we can kill as much as 99% of unwanted mold, algae, dirt and bacteria that would be on the surface of your deck cleaning project. This will allow you to stain or paint your deck if needed knowing that the stain or paint will have a longer life saving you time and money in the future. Plus you will have one of the nicest looking decks in the neighborhood for entertaining guests.

How long has it been since your last deck cleaning? What is the condition of the deck boards? Normally we will stay away from area of soft wood to prevent further damage to the deck boards. If there is significant damage we will sometime recommend replacement materials to make sure the deck is safe for traffic. With the harsh weather conditions in the mid-west it is very important to protect a deck and kept it clean as the uv rays from the suns and rain with destroy a deck in a few short years if not properly maintained.

We are providing our Deck Cleaning Service in both Kansas and Missouri in the following cities but are not limited to these cities: Kansas City, Overland Park, Independence, Blue Springs, Leawood, Lenexa, Riverside, Sugar Creek, Randolph, Raytown, Shawnee, Parkville and Platte Woods.

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